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buy the femdomination bondage XXX game

Femdomination is a BDSM vr game which draws you in ever deeper to experiment your wildest sexual fantasies. Delve ever deeper into your subconscious wants, guided at every step by the buxom dominatrixes.

Femdomination Game features:
- Available for Windows PC in VR or on a monitor.
- Controls are mouse + keyboard
- Works with the Xbox360 controller
- Customize the look of the dominatrixes
- Play them in the story mode or select each scene directly
- High-quality voice-overs from professional dominatrixes

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buy the amoreon vr sex game

Amoreon is vr-only sex game which throws you into the body of a gigolo who has to satisfy a wide array of gorgeous vr clients in order to make ends meet. Invited over, you quickly have to adapt to making sure the clients are satisfied with your performance!

Amoreon Game features:
- Requres Windows PC VR with controllers
- No keyboard + mouse setup
- Customize the look and personality of the doms
- Create your own fuck doll (head, body, outfit)
- Multiple exotic locations to play with
- High-quality voice-overs from professional dominatrixes

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Femdomination 2
detailed 3d modelling sex game

Detailed 3D Modeling

For an intense visual experience.

We made sure the visuals grab hold of your eyes and don't let go. There's nothing more important in a sex game than what you see!

intense XXX games

Intense Adult Bondage VR sex Fantasies

We're pulling out all the stops.

Get to grips with with a true BDSM vr game. We're offering intense action in a virtual reality experience

voice-overs for xxx adult games

Quality Voice-Overs

For quality bondage vr games

Hearing the gorgeous voices of our hired dominatrixes will take you that much closer to forgetting which world you're really in.

bdsm fantasies for every taste

BDSM VR For Every Taste

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Citor3: Delivering XXX games since 2016

4 Years and counting of creating innovative adult bondage vr games!

When I started Citor3 back in 2016, I saw there was an immense shortage of quality, premium bdsm vr games. Especially when it game to the female domination genres. Thinking there had to be people craving for sassy, busty dominatrixes, I decided to give it a try, and so created the first fledgling unity applications. Since then, it's been a fantastic adventure getting to the point (not there yet!) where we are stable enough to deliver constantly on this front.

The Virtual Reality market has changed a lot in the last couple of years, but the lack of any AAA studio taking a shot at actually creating anything worthwhile for the VR market has shown that companies aren't yet willing to take the leap of faith and trust that there is a strong demand for software like this. That's where we come in!

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